March 1st, 2022 β€’ Neo banks by Marketing Skaleet

The necessary digitization of the financial sector  πŸ‘€

The financial industry faces new challenges. The shift from one-size-fits-all bank to banking for everyone includes a cultural and technological change. Skaleet releases a few video interviews to deep down in this perspective. For the second episode, Yves Eonnet (Chairman and Co-Founder of Skaleet) speaks up about the benefits of a Core Banking Platform. 

"Β The bank is facing a challenge, this one more from the one-size-fits-all which has made its success over the past fifty years, to the "banking for everyone", that is to build specific banks for each group and population sub-group.Β "

Yves Eonnet - Chairman & Co-Founder of Skaleet

The necessary digitization of the financial sectorπŸ‘‡

We are experiencing a profound banking transformation with digital inclusion at the heart of the banking system. The bank's role is changing because the financing economy does itself with other financial players. Faced with customer expectations and the emergence of new offerings, Skaleet allows financial players to join a new banking cycle with its Core Banking Platform. From now on, it is possible to offer a banking system at low costs with very high levels of performance and an unparalleled ability to personalize services. 

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