February 22nd, 2022 • Neo banks by Marketing Skaleet

The financial industry faces new challenges 👀

The financial industry faces new challenges. The shift from one-size-fits-all bank to banking for everyone includes a cultural and technological change. Skaleet releases a few video interviews to deep down in this perspective. For the first episode, Julien Maldonato (Financial Industry Partner at Deloitte) speaks up about the evolution of the market

" The urgency, when you have the ambition to be a major bank, is to do as well as the new players or the American or Chinese Big Techs. "

Julien Maldonato - Financial Industry Partner at Deloitte

Does the urgency be real for banks? 👇

Today, customers hope from their banks for more and more personalized features. Based on data analysis, Big techs are currently developing and offering financial services for their users, more personalized and faster services than traditional banks...

It's not too late to keep a real competitive advantage against the threat of Big Techs. A new generation of Core Banking is a revolutionary tool that allows banking players to exploit the complexity of data management. 

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