April 18th, 2023 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

Skaleet unveils a module with a fully online process for taking out a loan in three minutes ⏱️

Paris, France, April 18th, 2023 - Since 2011, Skaleet, a fintech company, has been developing innovative tools to transform the banking experience for millions of consumers. These tools are in use by financial providers on all five continents. Today, Skaleet announces a module that will enable banks and credit institutions to process loans in a few minutes and then easily manage those loans from initial application to loan servicing, and to debt collection.

An agile and open platform to optimize the time-to-market of financial services

Skaleet’s Core Banking Platform (CBP) is agile and modular, which enables financial institutions and banks to quickly develop innovative banking services. The solution automates the technical development of banking applications and radically transforms the way many financial products are marketed. Skaleet’s CBP provides fintech companies, banks, and financial providers with access to turnkey tools and personalized support so they can add services similar to those in their existing product line. To date, Skaleet has implemented its CBP in some 30 countries.

A module that accelerates and streamlines the loan process

Skaleet is expanding its product line to include a credit module that manages the entire lifecycle of the loan, from initial application to loan servicing. The new module is available as part of Skaleet’s CBP, or as a standalone product, and comes complete with a set of business scenarios to reduce the learning curve. In addition, it offers a high degree of configuration autonomy. As such, workflows can be customized at each stage of the loan’s life cycle: customer acquisition (loan calculator, and application); approval (risk analysis, decision, and signature); closing (disbursement, and loan administration); loan servicing (due dates, renegotiations, and prepayments); and collection (delinquency, litigation, and amicable settlement).

A fully online process to take out a loan in 3 minutes

By virtue of these automated and customized processes, lenders using this module can now offer their customers an extremely fast, fully online application process. In three minutes, applicants can provide their information, complete their profile, and then submit the application in real time. To enhance this experience, Skaleet provides customers with the opportunity to connect to many complementary "in-house" or partner-developed modules— including regulatory Know Your Customer tools, reports, electronic signature tools, and so on—all supported by the CBP’s open architecture.

Skaleet provides companies using this module with expert support during implementation to shorten the time to market. Post implementation, a dedicated account manager will follow up to ensure the long-term performance of the module.

" Whether used as a standalone or within the Core Banking Platform, we believe this module can dramatically simplify loan management and improve the user experience. We also believe this module can be a catalyst, stimulating creation of innovative services. "

Hervé Manceron - CEO - Skaleet

About Skaleet:

Skaleet is a fintech company offering a Core Banking Platform (CBP) in SaaS. The CBP is cloud-agnostic, meets the highest security standards, and is an alternative to the legacy infrastructure present in banks and financial institutions today. Because of its open and flexible platform, customers can easily design, configure, and roll out new products. Using a single solution, the Core Banking Platform’s architecture addresses several business models reducing time to market and improving costs.

Skaleet is based in Boulogne Billancourt, France. To discover more, visit the website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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