March 30th, 2023 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

How did Skaleet help eZyness, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, modernize its payment services offering? 🤝

Today, financial institutions are faced with the challenge of modernization. Therefore, it's no surprise that banks are backing the development of electronic money institutions. This model is particularly interesting, as it allows financial players to provide innovative payment solutions in line with new consumer habits.

However, to be sustainable (and profitable), the model must rely on an adapted, modern, and scalable Core Banking Platform! Many organizations are modernizing their core banking.

Are you in this situation and don't know where to start your modernization project? This Case Study is for you!



A subsidiary of Banque Postale, eZyness is an electronic money institution that provides a complete and innovative payment solution.

Before using Skaleet technology, eZyness relied on a legacy core banking system, which eventually showed its limits: too restrictive, too expensive, unsatisfactory time to market, and lack of scalability.

eZyness's challenge was to create an agile technology that would evolve with the needs of its customers and provide differentiating financial services.

After studying different Core Banking Platforms, eZyness chose Skaleet...


This feedback shows how Skaleet helped eZyness modernize its payment services offering. Here you'll find :

  • eZyness' financial technology challenges;
  • eZyness' criteria for selecting its new core banking provider;
  • eZyness' favorites for the Skaleet solution;
  • Project flow;
  • The results after a few months of collaboration.

The perfect solution to modernize your offer!

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