December 14th, 2021 • Payments by Marketing Skaleet

White Paper: The role of Digital Financial Services in the Covid-19 outbreak 📱

The Covid-19 outbreak impacted all countries but it hit the hardest the most vulnerable populations. In the middle of the crisis, Digital Financial Services (DFS) stood up to support governments to tackle the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis. 

This white paper focuses on the G2P social payments in the Covid-19 outbreak. The first section introduces the topic, the second part exposes the main DFS features that support the expansion of G2P, third chapter focuses on four examples of G2P in Africa: sharing the experiences and strategies of our four DFSP, the fourth summarise some takeaways and the fifth section gives an short overview of the mentioned DFSPs. 

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Feedback on the role of Digital Financial Services.

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