January 19th, 2021 • Technology by Marketing Skaleet

⭐️ The Skaleet (ex: TagPay) star is part of the new FinTech galaxy!

Out of the 719 integrated players, 469 fintechs are part of the fintech galaxy. This represents a 30% increase of fintech compared to 2019. In the ecosystem, nearly 1000 partnerships were established (42% more than in 2019). 🚀

To access the galaxy, click on this link: Galaxy

Some additional components to take into account for this second edition: 

⭐️ Partnerships between French fintechs 

⭐️ Partnerships with foreign fintechs

⭐️ Partnerships with banks and insurers 

⭐️ Ownership stakes with banks and insurers 

⭐️ Ownership stakes with private equity funds

👉 We work with a large ecosystem of partners that allow us to provide the best services around our next-gen Core Banking System. It enables our customers to innovate and generate added value faster. 

We take our mission to heart and hope that we can announce new partnerships in 2021! 🤝

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