October 18th, 2021 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

TagPay rebrands as Skaleet! 🔥

At the beginning of the year, we were thrilled to announce that we raised €25 million from Long Arc Capital, allowing us to enrich our offering and accelerate our growth globally. 

Driven by changes in the banking industry and customer uses, it strengthens our transformation desire. So, it makes perfect sense for us to change our branding. We become Skaleet to crystallize our ambition for continuous evolution and to support customers' growth.

Proximity, speed, and agility: the triptych behind the creation of Skaleet 💡

From today, TagPay will be known as Skaleet, an international fintech company offering a back-end technology platform. Its Core Banking Platform is fully interactive with an ecosystem of banks, fintechs and technology partners. It has the speed and agility required to quickly launch new personalized services to the market. Skaleet’s ambition is to bridge the gap between complex financial products and customers’ changing needs. In this new digital world, Skaleet helps financial institutions become faster and more agile in adapting to their customers’ changing needs by offering innovative services. Our range of services allows banks, neobanks, and fintechs to stay in the race against the Big Tech threat that is attempting to dominate this market. 

Skaleet’s platform offers complete banking solutions for the day-to-day management of retail banking: onboarding, AML-CFT, bank accounting, regulatory reporting, card issuing, SEPA, bank accounts, credit engines, and a best-of-breed approach to facilitate the integration of key product and technology partners. 

Breaking the banking industry's IT glass ceiling to increase performance and innovation 🚀

With its flexible, modular, and digital-native core banking platform, Skaleet’s ambition is to innovate by offering new services to fully respond to the latest challenges facing the banking and financial markets, as well as to the growth and scalability requirements imposed by the rapid digitalization of the sector. 

Skaleet enables banks and financial institutions to leverage its cloud-native platform to accelerate the launch of new financial services that fully meet their customers’ needs. 

Meanwhile, new players benefit from a technological platform to focus on building their offerings and their distribution with a short time to market. 

" Our mission is to support the digital transformation of banking institutions, neobanks and fintech companies. Our ambition is to become the leading technology for core banking platforms, offering our customers all the financial services they need. "

Yves Eonnet - Chairman of Skaleet

The company's mission statement: to put technology at the forefront of the transformation in financial services 👨‍💻

Fifteen years ago, Hervé Manceron and Yves Eonnet set out to take advantage of the latest technological innovations to support new ways of providing mobile financial services. This led them to launch TagPay, a technological platform for managing mobile money accounts. 

In 2015, eager to respond to the increasing importance of digital technology and changing customer needs, the publisher launched a next-generation international core banking system solution. The ambition of this platform: to accelerate the launch of new, competitively priced services. TagPay has developed a cloud-native platform to meet the needs of financial service providers. Cloud-agnostic, agile and scalable, it has quickly become a leading platform for many financial institutions across the world. At the beginning of the year, TagPay reached a new step by announcing its largest funding: €25M from our new investor Long Arc Capital to enrich its offering and accelerate its international growth. 

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