Skaleet partners with Smile ID to provide Africa's most comprehensive digital banking and identity verification solution

May 16th, 2024

Skaleet is an innovative tech next-gen solution designed with a logic of perpetual evolution to meet the needs of any financial institution. Cloud-based, modular, and 100% API, Skaleet powers your technology while you focus on what matters to your customers.

Skaleet relies on a "Best-of-breed" approach, selecting the best products and services in the industry that can be integrated into our core banking platform and enabling the seamless construction of a whole ecosystem with the best time to market. Our open and full API solution provides strong integration capabilities to build and power your differentiative ecosystem. 

Smile ID is Africa’s leading digital identity verification, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and KYC compliance solution for businesses scaling across the continent. They have built proprietary machine-learning algorithms and a technology platform to cater to all African skin tones, entry-level devices, and users operating in low-bandwidth environments. 

Smile ID prides itself on striking the right balance between stopping fraudulent transactions and reducing onboarding friction and has enabled some of the fastest growing businesses across Africa to onboard at scale and in real-time, evidenced by performing over 100 million KYC checks to date. 

This partnership provides financial institutions with the right tools to improve efficiency, ensure compliance, strengthen security measures, and enhance the overall banking experience for end-users. Our companies share a common vision for empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology. By joining forces, we aim to leverage our combined expertise to drive digital transformation, streamline operations, and create new growth opportunities.

Our collaboration with Smile ID in the African market marks a milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and enhancing the value we provide to our clients. Brice Groche, Partnerships Director at Skaleet, said, “Skaleet relies on a "Best-of-Breed" approach, selecting the best products and services of the industry that can be integrated into our Core Banking Platform to enable the construction of a whole ecosystem in a seamless way and with the best time to market. Collaborating with Smile ID in Africa allows financial institutions to revolutionise their customer onboarding processes, enhance security measures, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for our clients, enabling them to build trust with their customers, expand their reach, and drive financial inclusion across the continent”.

Quote from Herve:  Hervé Manceron, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, added: I am very pleased with this collaboration with Smile ID because it allows us to offer a comprehensive and robust solution that meets their needs more effectively and will help them to accelerate the development of new high value-added services to their end-users"

As a first step in our partnership to spread our shared vision, Smile ID and Skaleet will co-organize a webinar titled “Building Secure & Scalable Banking Operations in Africa” on June 11, 2024, at 4 pm GMT+1. RSVP here

In the webinar, you will discover practical solutions that African banks and FinTechs can use to streamline onboarding, automate operations, and achieve rapid customer acquisition. Register for the webinar here.


Mark Straub, CEO of Smile ID, added, “Our partnership with Skaleet represents a significant milestone in our mission to promote financial inclusion and combat identity fraud in Africa. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders with a proven track record of excellence and innovation. Together, we are committed to delivering solutions that combine the high-security standards with enterprise-level customisation and robust capabilities.”

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