Skaleet (ex: TagPay) is in the Open Banking Report 2021 🚀

November 4, 2021

Skaleet remains part of the mapping key players in the category: Digital Core Banking Infrastructure/Platform.

It brings together companies helping financial institutions to adopt digitization, and automation and to implement a Digital Core Banking Platform on top of their existing legacy systems. These fintechs can offer cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API-first digital banking, core banking, payments, lending, etc., enabling financial institutions to become digital-first and deliver frictionless customer journeys💡

Skaleet offers a Core Banking Platform (CBP). Cloud-native, this new Core Banking is based on an open, flexible, and scalable architecture. It enables you to create efficient ecosystems capable of smoothly orchestrating interactions between financial services and tech players, resulting in an ability to offer increasingly personalized customer experiences. Continuous deployable, with low maintenance costs and perfect scalability, our CBP is particularly well suited to the challenges of Open Banking. With cost reduction, improved responsiveness, customization of the user experience, and simplified integration with all third-party applications, this is much more than a superficial innovation. This new Core Banking marks a real break from its predecessors. It places digital at the forefront and enables users to take full advantage of modern technology. 

Thanks to The Paypers 👍

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