While Neobanks possess a distinct edge over traditional institutions, they face ongoing battles to uphold their unique offerings in the swiftly advancing era of tech-driven banking, demanding continuous evolution, reliability, and seamless deployment and integration. Skaleet enables your Neobank to rely on a secure and scalable & evolutive infrastructure, and a fast & easy to deploy to Core Banking Platform.

Skaleet Core Banking Platform for Neobanks.

Focus On What Matter

Prioritize acquisition, growth, and customer experience, Skaleet SaaS Core Banking Platform manages seamlessly non-differentiative complexity.

Ecosystem orchestration & agility to innovate


Prioritize acquisition, growth, and customer experience, Skaleet SaaS Core Banking Platform manages seamlessly non-differentiative complexity.

Considering features and beyond to help you build a complete solution and bring simplicity into your complex banking tech issues.

  • Ecosystem

    Skaleet relies on a "Best-of-Breed" approach, selecting the best products and services of the industry that can be integrated into our Core Banking Platform and enable the construction of a whole ecosystem in a seamless way and with the best time to market.

  • Migration

    Our data migration pattern facilitates a seamless transition between legacy and new Core Banking for a risk-managed and customer-centric transformation experience.

  • Solution Design

    Maximize the capabilities of the Skaleet Core Banking Platform with our tailored solution design approach. Our team of skilled Solution Engineers will collaborate with you to craft a comprehensive solution that leverages our expertise and services, ensuring that Skaleet aligns perfectly with your expectations.

  • Predictable Onboarding

    In order to ensure a rapid and effortless deployment process, Skaleet has established a standardized project setup, enabling regulated fintech companies to go live within a four-month timeframe.

How to choose your Core Banking Platform?

Our Product. 

  • Core Banking

    Focus on what really matters; designing innovative financial services and generating new revenue while we manage no-differentiating complexity. Our cloud-based, modular and full APIs core banking platform will allow you to leverage best banking experiences.

    • High level of configurability 
    • Easy orchestration: complete and centralized view on activity
    • Comprenhensive account management 
    • Configurable onboarding process 
    • Auxiliary accounting management
    • Payment Module

      Skaleet payment module provides an efficient payement flows management through an adaptative payment base frame allowing universal compatibilty to connect to any scheme and real time view on payment flows

      • SEPA & SEPA Inst natively managed.
      • Easy integration to any other payment network
      • ISO 20022 compliance 
      • Single & bulk payments
      • Card Module

        Power our Card Module by seamlessly integrating your preferred issuer processor, initiating debit card product launches, and leveraging advanced card management features for streamlined operations.

        • Easy configuration 
        • 360° view on issued cards 
        • Efficient management of authorization requests and settlement operations
        • Skaleet Process Automation.

          Skaleet process automation is our workflow automation tool. Skaleet Process automation (SPA) acts as a middle layer between our Core Banking Platform and third-parties solutions to connect our software with your preferred product partners and automate business process to gain efficiency or avoid manual tasks. Skaleet Process Automation provides a low-code graphic interface that gives the ability to create, automate and execute workflows.

          • Easily manage your integrations with third-party
          • Automate business Process and gain time and efficiency 

          Our use cases.

          • Switching Core Banking.

            Skaleet Core Banking Platform empowers regulated financial institutions with future-proof tech. Elevate customer experience, cut costs, navigate evolving regulations, and customize transformation depth and pace condidenfly

          • BaaS to SaaS.

            Skaleet Core Banking Platform empowers agents shifting from BaaS to profitable growth with regulator-proof tech. Attain autonomy for launching value-added products and enhance user margins.

          • Greenfield.

            Skaleet Core Banking Platform enables regulated institutions to rapidly launch innovate services through a future-proof tech. Invest in your unique value while we manage tech stack.

          With eZyness positioning, we needed a configurable, evolutive technology that would allow us to co-construct offers with our customers and with a short time to market. Skaleet turned out to be the perfect solution.

          Marouane Benjenna

          General Manager at eZyness

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