February 25th, 2021 • Technology by Marketing Skaleet

Skaleet integrates ubble technology 🤝

Paris, February 25th, 2021 - Skaleet, a Core Banking Platform (CBP) provider, announces a partnership with ubble, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) technology provider, to offer its customers a fast, reliant, and highly secure digital identity verification solution. 

The French fintech Skaleet facilitates the digital transformation of retail banks, as well as the creation of digital banks, payment institutions, or other financial institutions by offering them a Core Banking Platform (CBP)

Skaleet’s Core Banking Platform enables financial institutions to enhance the user experience by imagining, configuring, and integrating new products (single view of customer data, card issuing, credit scoring, etc.) through an open, flexible, and scalable architecture. Beyond innovation, Skaleet’s solution offers its customers a banking environment that meets the highest security standards.

Skaleet’s Core Banking Platform is already deployed in more than 25 countries with around thirty clients to date, including primary banking groups and payment institutions such as YUP! (Société Générale), eZyness (La Banque Postale subsidiary), or the Trust Merchant Bank. 

With this new partnership established with ubble, Skaleet’s customers will benefit from a sophisticated and highly secure digital identity verification solution.

An interactive hybrid solution to anticipate new security standards and offer an enhanced user experience

Ubble is a unique digital identity verification solution using video-live streaming allowing companies to perform fast, intuitive, and reliant digital identity verification, comparable to a face-to-face check. While lead in real-time by Artificial Intelligence, the end-user films his face and official ID document (passport, ID card, driver’s license, etc.); then algorithms will analyze the videos to verify identity and conclusions will be approved by ubble’s anti-fraud experts. 

With its anti-fraud service and strict protection of personal data hosted in France, ubble can guarantee the highest security standards while respecting the privacy of users. Furthermore, the startup aims to obtain certification from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) in the first half of 2021.

A strategic partnership between two technological players

With ubble technology, Skaleet will offer its customer a “best-in-class” KYC solution that meets the highest security standards on the market. ubble will draw on Skaleet’s expertise to enhance and customize its product to financial services in order to offer an integrated and unique user experience. 

“With the ANSSI certification aimed in 2021, ubble will be constantly compliant with the national and European directives”, said Yves Eonnet, Chairman of Skaleet. “Ubble’s security expertise gives access to one of the latest innovations to streamline and enhance customer onboarding. As a leader in French and European tech, we are pleased to count ubble among our partners to provide the best services around our Core Banking.”

“We are delighted with this partnership which will enable Skaleet to provide the best KYC experience and a fully compliant customer journey.” stated Juliette Delanoe, co-founder of ubble. “We will also draw on the expertise of Skaleet and its customers to pursue our product development efficiently and support them in their international growth ambitions.”

About Skaleet:

Skaleet is a French fintech that offers an open, flexible, and scalable Core Banking Platform (CBP). The solution enables financial institutions (retail banks, digital banks, payment and e-money institutions, …) better meeting their customers’ expectations with new digital financial offers.

About ubble:

ubble is a French start-up providing remote identity verification services that are fast, simple, and intuitive to use, and whose security is equivalent to a face-to-face meeting. ubble has developed a hybrid model, based on proprietary video streaming and computer vision technologies, as well as strong human expertise in identity fraud detection.

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