September 27th, 2022 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

Meet Us At Seamless in Nairobi! 🤝

Skaleet is very excited to be by your side to discuss the future of the Core Banking world. We would love to help you with your projects thanks to our technology that will assist you in digitalizing your institution. 

Skaleet's Cloud-Native Banking Platform allows financial institutions to quickly launch new banking products and experiences at a competitive price.

In numbers, +30 financial institutions and more than 8 million banking accounts worldwide trust and operate with Skaleet’s solution as it provides: 

  • An ecosystem orchestrator to make products and services available while quickly integrating partners in less than ten days;
  • A real-time data access to develop marketing suggestions; 
  • A rapid conception of customized offerings (launch of an MVP in 6 months); 
  • And operating costs are around 10% of the operating costs of traditional banks

If you want to know more about our solution and invest more time in your innovations, Beatrice will be excited to meet and discuss it with you.

Make sure to reach out to Beatrice via her mail address or book a meeting by clicking on the following link.

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See you in Nairobi,

Skaleet Team

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