June 27th, 2023 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

CTO: co-construct your Core Banking roadmap with Skaleet! 🗺️

Are you looking for a turnkey Core Banking solution that will accelerate your technological deployment and enable you to benefit from a rapid Time to Market? Would you like to complement your existing technology to offer new services and greater flexibility? The key is to co-construct your ideal solution with Skaleet! Here's how it works.

CTOs faced with legacy constraints. 🥊

Whether you work for a historic or greenfield financial institution, legacy Core Banking Systems are no longer adapted to the market's scalability. As a CTO, you need the following:

  • Technology that enables you to comply with changing regulatory constraints;
  • A scalable solution to meet changing customer expectations;
  • A tool that lets you innovate rather than forcing you to maintain the system continually;
  • Reliable, secure, configurable core banking that guarantees your autonomy.

However, the rigidity of monolithic Core Banking Systems is the antithesis of these new needs. They carry a burdensome technical debt to pay off and are particularly time-consuming to maintain and develop. Given this situation, it's clear that such systems are still in progress with your business needs and challenges.

However, developing a more modern solution in-house can take years and cost millions of euros; opting for a turnkey Core Banking Platform may limit functionality and deprive you of your development autonomy...

Skaleet has developed a hybrid Core Banking Platform to provide a solution tailored to your situation!

Skaleet: the perfect compromise between in-house development and turnkey solutions 🤝

Skaleet's Core Banking Platform is designed to be adaptable. You benefit from the advantages of autonomous development and a SaaS solution with all the necessary integrations while freeing yourself from their constraints.

Automated management of complex non-differentiating elements

Skaleet's Core Banking Platform automates the management of the complex, non-differentiating elements of your business (managing payment accounts and the back end of payment card issuing/processing, connection to market systems such as SEPA/ACH, regulatory changes, etc.). It enables you to concentrate on the high value-added elements of your business, such as the design of new, differentiating products and new customer experiences. As a result, you no longer need to spend 80% of your time maintaining aging systems: you can focus on the developments that matter!


Modular architecture and Microservices

The modularity proposed by Skaleet overturns the codes of monolithic technical infrastructures thanks to an agile, open architecture based on microservices. This architecture enables the various modules to communicate with each other while remaining autonomous, making system upgrades more straightforward and less impactful for the entire IT infrastructure.

This means you can rapidly experiment with and develop innovative new financial products in response to customer needs, with a time-to-market reduced to just a few months.

In this way, modularity enables you to cover new customer needs rapidly without compromising service availability or customer experience.

A catalog of APIs and Best-of-Breed solutions

With Skaleet, you gain flexibility because you benefit from a catalog of APIs and Best-of-Breed solutions. Skaleet allows you to build your answer according to your needs and enrich your Core Banking according to your requirements. All products and services can be integrated... So, you can innovate without constraints!

Infinite freedom of configuration

Skaleet's modular, highly configurable Core Banking Platform gives you access to high-performance technology that accelerates innovation. You can autonomously create your ecosystems.

The low-code/no-code logic of Skaleet's Core Banking Platform means you can select the solutions and easily onboard them, thanks to the existing integrations.

And even more! In addition to Skaleet technology, you can create your developments and integrate them into the solution to further enrich the possibilities. You can independently develop and test new products to make a competitive, tailor-made offering.

A perfectly secure solution

Skaleet's Core Banking Platform is "secure by design" at every stage. Everything is perfectly secure and compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 standards and PCI-DSS certification from production to deployment. We have also implemented comprehensive disaster recovery processes. So, in the event of damage, your database remains intact and accessible.

Skaleet's Core Banking Platform offers you 99.99% service availability. Skaleet provides a highly available and secure platform by using the cloud!

Hybrid integration

Core Banking transformation or migration programs usually take years, which is out of step with today's world. So that you can quickly benefit from all the advantages of a new-generation Core Banking Platform, Skaleet offers you a simplified integration process thanks to a hybrid approach.

This hybrid approach allows you to use Skaleet's Core Banking Platform alongside your existing solution. This coexistence enables you to launch innovative new products and services quickly without impacting your current offerings.


Skaleet's modularity gives you greater flexibility while maintaining complete independence —all with proven reliability and safety.

At Skaleet, we're convinced that co-construction is the driving force behind any successful solution. Our aim? To support you in creating new products and services, enabling you to concentrate on your core business in complete freedom and simplicity. So, build your Core Banking Platform with Skaleet: contact us!

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