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With our SaaS Core Banking Platform and application modules, build with confidence products your customers will love. At Skaleet, we believe access and adoption of bespoke financial services to anyone, anywhere is the new era. Banking technology is its driver. Whether you are a Bank, a Lender, a Neobank, a Fintech or a Corporate... we help you embrace this future and create or augment your customer experiences with simplicity. 

Skaleet Core Banking Platform.

Skaleet empowers Financial Institutions with perpetual evolution, rapid deployment,  security and reliability. 
  • Fast and easy to implement and integrate

    • 4 months to go live
    • High level of configurability (Low code, No Code)
    • API-First, Seamless integrations to your ecosystem
  • Reliable

    • Saas and cloud-based
    • Security as a service and compliance ready
    • Proven scalability
  • Evolutive

    • Modular technology: buy what you need
    • Incremental improvement through continuous delivery
    • Flexibility : hybrid approach

Innovative tech next-gen solution.

Skaleet SaaS Core Banking Platform has been designed with a logic of perpetual evolution to meet the needs of any financial institution. Cloud-based, modular, and 100% API, we power your technology while you focus on what matters: your customers.

  • + 30 clients
  • + 20 countries worldwide 
  • 99,99% uptime

Our Use cases.

  • Switching Core Banking

    Enabling regulated financial institutions to switch to future-proof technology with confidence with Skaleet Core Banking Platform

    • Serve your customers with latest standards of digital experience
    • Drastically reduce costs 
    • Comply with ever-changing regulatory environments 
    • Choose your mutation depth and pace
  • BaaS to SaaS

    Supporting agents in their strategic move from a BaaS model to a SaaS model with Skaleet Core Banking Platform

    • Focus on growth ambitions with regulatory-proof tech
    • Launch value-added products and services at will with autonomy
    • Improve margins per user 
    • Achieve profitable growth
  • Greenfield

    Empower regulated institutions to launch and scale greenfield services quickly and safely with Skaleet Core Banking Platform 

    • Invest in your differentiating value, we will handle the rest
    • We keep your tech-stack modern, ensuring a level playing field and preventing the build up of tech debt
    • We grow with you, buy what you need when you need it
    • Pay as you grow

How to choose your Core Banking Platform?

With eZyness positioning, we needed a configurable, evolutive technology that would allow us to co-construct offers with our customers and with a short time to market. Skaleet turned out to be the perfect solution. 

Marouane Benjenna

General Manager at eZyness

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We answer your questions.

  • Can I buy stand alone modules of Skaleet?

    Yes, our Core Banking Platform offers a tailored approach, enabling to pick and choose only the features you require and make it evolves regarding your needs.

  • Can Skaleet Core Banking Platform co-exist with my inhouse modules?

    Indeed, the Skaleet Core Banking platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing in-house modules. Our modular approach, structured on an architecture comprising various modules catering to diverse business capabilities, facilitates the creation of new products by orchestrating these services. This empowers organizations to effectively manage a blend of build and buy approaches.

  • Can Skaleet deliver its software on-premise?

    Skaleet is primarily a cloud-based SaaS Core Banking platform. However, we possess the flexibility to accommodate specific demands and provide our Core Banking Platform on-premise regarding certain specific conditions.

  • Can I build my own front applications on top of Skaleet’s platform?

    Skaleet offers a comprehensive bank-in-a-box solution featuring dedicated white-label fronts for mobile and web applications. However, if desired, clients have the option to develop their own applications instead.

  • How long does it take to go live with Skaleet?

    We are committed to provide a fast and seamless deployment and integration process. To achieve this, we have established a standardized project setup, enabling regulated fintech companies to go live within four months. It's important to note that the timeline may vary depending on factors such as the functional scope required, migration considerations...

  • What are Skaleet’s standards in terms of security and certifications?

    Skaleet ensures the highest security industry standards through: maintaining a service with a high availability, a risk-assessment based approach, robust data security that prioritize confidentiality, integrity and traceability, operating on a resilient infrastructure consisting in 2 production sites, one disaster recovery site, and two back-up sites. Additionally, Skaleet follows french EBIOS-RM method for assessing and treating digital risks. This method is published by National cybersecurity agency in France (ANSSI) and serves a reference for adressing security concerns through a risk-centric approach, aligning with ISO 27005

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