Download our eZyness Business Case.

Payment and E-Money institution authorized by the ACPR, eZyness has chosen Skaleet's Core Banking Platform to become a Banking-as-a-Service player. La Banque Postale's subsidiary offers a collection solution for third-party accounts (merchants, corporates, e-commerce, etc.) covering all functional requirements (Pay-In & Pay-Out, account management, disbursement, etc.) and issues payment cards to its customers (card management portal, supply of payment card, compliance and reporting by design, etc.). 

In this presentation, you will find:

- The limits of a legacy Core Banking System

- Looking for an open and scalable Core Banking Platform

- Why did eZyness choose Skaleet? 

- A successful collaboration

We can handle it.

  • Divided by 2

    operating costs compared to the legacy Core Banking.

  • Divided by 5

    new product development costs.

  • Divided by 4

    time to market from 2 years to 6 months for new product launches

  • 150.000

    merchant accounts were gradually migrated.