November 30th, 2022 • Core Banking by Marketing Skaleet

Meet Us At Finov'!  🤝

A few days separate us from Finov' which will take place on December 8th in Paris. 

Bernard Dupuy is excited to meet you and make you part of the fintech and COre Banking world by introducing you to Skaleet's solution. 

Today, all banks and financial institutions must migrate to next-generation Core Banking, specifically Skaleet's SaaS Cloud-Native Core Banking Platform

With Skaleet, you have access to:  

  • A capacity to integrate new products and services in less than ten days; 
  • Access to real-time data; 
  • The ability to create customer products (MVPs) in less than six months;
  • Ten times lower operating costs.  

Book a meeting now with Bernard and provide the best platform for your financial institution!  

Bernard Dupuy - Large Cap Sales Director - 

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