Universal Banks.

Turn as a future-proof technology player through Skaleet's SaaS Core Banking Platform. Harness the full potential of agile and modular technology to evolve continuously and build innovative new financial services.


Universal banks are now evolving in a competitive environment where neo-banks and Big Techs rely on more recent and agile technologies and are winning increasingly significant market shares.

Turn into an innovative player with Skaleet.

The cloud-native SaaS Core Banking Platform frees you from your restrictive and rigid legacy infrastructures. Our modular and API-First approach accelerates integration, orchestration, and development. So, you can launch a new digital project in a few months by leaning on the latest-generation technology that helps you evolve and remain relevant in a competitive environment.

Get faster with a hybrid approach.

Seize the hybrid approach by deploying our platform alongside your legacy system to accelerate your innovation. The flexible and scalable platform allows you to launch new features every 2 months to meet your customer and regulation requirements. Lean on our ecosystem of "Best of breed" partners to test new markets or niche markets. Designing to support Universal Banks, Skaleet's SaaS Core Banking Platform turn them into future-proof technology leaders.

  • 99,99%

    solution's uptime.

  • number of partners you can integrate to create your own ecosystems.

  • 4x faster

    than the industry average for the launch of new capabilities.

Why Skaleet?

  • Integration into Ecosystems.

    Skaleet's Core Banking is a cloud-native and configurable technology platform based on an API-First approach. Universal banks can distribute their financial products in the markets/ecosystems to create new seamless customer experiences.

  • Develop Faster.

    The microservices architecture is robust and scalable to allow universal banks to develop and test new products independently, enabling deployment in 3-4 months. The Core Banking Platform also comes with a full range of financial services already created (accounts, deposits, loans, payments, etc.).

  • Cost Reduction & Better Profitability.

    By paying only for the resources you use, our "Pay-as-you-Go" model enables you to reduce your costs, improve the profitability of your Core Banking and boost your growth.

  • Coexistence with Core Banking Platform.

    Our hybrid approach offers universal banks the ability to use a new Core Banking Platform alongside a legacy Core Banking to route information. Coexistence permits to launch of new products and features alongside existing product offerings.

  • Configurability and Integration.

    The Core Banking Platform is based on an API-first architecture, helping financial institutions to connect to partners or develop new components on APIs.

  • Scalability and Continuous Delivery.

    Cloud-native, Skaleet guarantees high scalability for better control of your traffic and volumes. Have a new version of your platform every 2 months enriched with new features.

  • Resilience and Uptime.

    The Core Banking Platform takes full advantage of the cloud and its benefits to ensure 99.99% service uptime. Choose a scalable and highly available platform to deliver faster.

  • Performance and Security.

    You benefit from an IT infrastructure that meets international banking security standards. Our microservices architecture is "secure by design" at every stage, from production to deployment, while allowing a high level of performance for better control.

" With eZyness, La Banque Postale reaffirms its commitment to being at the forefront of developments in payment technology. The partnership with Skaleet allows us to respond to the needs of our business clients and our major accounts, which are particularly affected by the growing digitization of payments. "

Marouane Benjenna - Managing Director - eZyness

Innovate with SaaS Core Banking Platform.

  • Hybrid Approach.

    Embrace a hybrid approach, and trust a Core Banking Platform that will allow you to take the edge of this new pace and customer requirements to evolve continuously.

  • Digital Banks.

    Test and launch new innovative and agile players to quickly access market segments by designing an ultra-personalized offer via a "Greenfield" project. It will help you liftoff new offers, ethical, cross-border, community banks, or even for professionals, for example.

  • Banking-as-a-Service.

    Exploit the growth of Banking-as-a-Service by deploying the structure associated with your banking license. You can develop a new factory of financial products distributable through APIs in the markets/ecosystems of your choice (Embedded Finance) to improve customer experiences, accelerate time-to-market and diversify your revenues.

  • Super App.

    With the SaaS Core Banking Platform, orchestrate the best financial payment, credit, and insurance products with non-financial services to deliver rich and amazing customer experiences. By leveraging our technology platform, create an ecosystem of partners allowing you to embark on the path of the Super App.

Marouane Benjenna - Managing Director - eZyness

Check out how eZyness trusted Skaleet's Core Banking Platform to build its BaaS offering.

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" Skaleet offers a solid Core Banking Platform with an emphasis on delivery [...] they have pragmatically zdopted state-of-the-art tools and development methods [...] their software development factory is scalable while maintaining control of its growth. Compliance, security, and data all meet universal banking standards. "

Audit - Technological Department - Société Générale

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